About Norra Morrel

Opera Metal Gothic Female Vocalist

Norra Morrel Gothic Metal Opera Vocal

Norra Morrel Gothic Metal Opera Vocal

Norra Morrel has graduate from the Opera Vocal Department of the “P.Vladigerov”State Academy of Music,Sofia,Bulgaria  being a student in opera singing in  the class of proffessor Lilyana Zhablenska. She made her debut in the Humperdings Opera “Henzel and Gretel”with the performance of Sofia Filharmonic Society,conducted by Emil Tabakov.

As opera singer she has specialized in the Mastery Vocal Courses of Kaludi Kaludov and Ghena Dimitrova and took part of great number of concerts and performances in Bulgaria,Japan ,Hungary,Lebanon,Italy,Germany,Morrocco with the Rosssini -Rosina “The Sevilian Barber”,

“Cenerentola”,Isabella”The Italian in Algers”,Mozart-Dorabella”Cosi fantutte”,Sextus-“The charity of Tit”,Hendel -“Messiah”,Pergolesi”Stabat Mater”,Verdi- “Eboli”Don Carlo”an”Aida”-Amneris in her repertoir.

The single “Life in the air” is her first step in the field of experimental  metal music.The conception of the project is that music open  us doors to the past and to the future.

Norra Morrel use the combination of modern computer tehnologies and strange cosmic effects mixed with natural strings ,acoustuc guitars and modern metal sound.In the projects work diffrend young musicians from Bulgaria.


Alex Noushev -Orchestrator,

Sleepwolker-Orchestrator,Mixing and Mastering ingeneer

Hristo Manolov-Orchestrator

Nencho Tzonev- NINYO from “Toma band” -Drums,

Boyan Genov -BOBZ from” Fyeld band” -Gitars,

Ilia Rankov-Bass / RobotJessie-Guitars from “Hyperqube band”,

Radoy Tomchev-Acustic Guitars,

Palmira Gribneva-Tomanova -Violoncello,

Christofor Marinov-Violin.

Norra Morrel Opera Metal Gothic Vocal

Life in the Air

female opera metal gothic vocalis


norramorrel light in the darkness

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